Why Drip Feed

Wolof101 utilises a drip feed to support learners in experiencing success with learning Wolof.


Drip Feed Schedule

Each Program takes two weeks to complete:

Day 0 - First Lesson of Program

Day 3 - Second Lesson of Program

Day 6 - Third Lesson of Program

Day 9 - Fourth Lesson of Program

Day 12 - Fifth Lesson of Program

Day 15 - Revision Test of Program

Please note that learners can progress slower than the drip feed.

Three theories influence the decision to drip feed lessons:

Theory on the Zone of Proximal Development

Theory on the impact of Working Memory on Additional Language Acquisition

Theory on the Stages of Additional Language Acquisition


In applying a drip feed, Wolof101 aims to achieve:

A supported scaffold to assist learners in acquiring the foundations of Wolof.

An increase in the learner's available Working Memory as content can be processed over a period of time.

An increase in the engagement with each post as learners have time to progress at a managed pace.

An opportunity for vocabulary and grammar rules to be applied before learning new content.

Regular engagement with course material to reinforce learning.