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Wolof is a large ethnic group in the West African nations of Senegal and The Gambia.

Senegal is a former French colony and The Gambia is a former British colony.

Wolof refers to both the people and the language.

Wolof as a language is classified within the Northern Branch of the West Atlantic Niger-Congo language family.

There are over 7 000 000 million Wolof speakers worldwide.

Despite French remaining the official language of Senegal, Wolof has become the lingua franca.


Travelling to Senegal? Learn Wolof Online With Wolof101.

Wolof101 provides online Wolof language lessons for speakers of English.

Suitable for tourists and volunteers.

Learn on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Wolof101 provides online Wolof language lessons for speakers of English.

Each program contains five lessons and a revision test.

Each lesson includes audio and text. Lessons also include a downloadable workbook.

Learn at your own pace.

Program 1 assumes no prior knowledge. Each additional program builds on the previous program.

Content is delivered in bite-sized pieces. Learn on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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Enhance your volunteer experience in Senegal. Learn Wolof with Wolof101.

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Alioune - Teacher

Alioune is from Senegal and is fluent in Wolof, French and English. Alioune is a university graduate and also works as a tour guide.


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